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Reach millions of indonesian youngster using creative engaging content

Our tagline is "Hiburan di kala bosan", we are committed to entertain Indonesian young readers with interesting, fun and easy to digest contents. We help brands to tell their stories to their audience in fun and engaging way. We specialize in crafting native interactive contents such as: listicle, quiz, poll, interactive storytelling, and infographic that highly engaging and able to earn thousand of views and social shares in order to boost awareness for the brand.

Why advertise with us ?


Making good exposure to millions of young people every month


Our contents are designed for sharing. Our sponsored contents have average 4,000 social shares, and 75% of our traffic is generated from social media.


High exposure from mobile user.

Happy Clients

We are trusted by ad agencies, helping some of their clients to achieve their objectives through native ads.

Our Products


We help brands to deliver their message to their target audience effectively through a native, relevant, and engaging content. It would make your brand looks cool and trustworthy, seen from how they will share the content to their friends on social media. Our Sponsored Article is designed to be engaging and goes viral, a great choice to build brand affinity and build an emotional connection with your target audience.


Similar like Sponsored Article but wrapped in interactive formats. It’s designed to communicate and engage your audience with playful contents like quiz, poll, giveaway, or interactive storytelling. Its unique, fun, and compelling experiences can help brands to stand out, build engagement, and also capture qualified leads (respondent’s data).


Everyone loves infographic! easy to digest, extremely engaging, and fun to share. We help brands to create a storyline that relevant with their message, visualize it into an attractive infographic, and slipped the brand’s message there. With its data that represented through an attractive visual will make people more inclined to believe what they are reading.



Comic has the ability to deliver your message concisely, simplify the complexity, and better explaining your campaign or product.


Social snacks offer a quick and simple content for your audience, great for teaser phase or reminder phase of a campaign.


Audience had seen too many display ads in one site, thus make your brand messages become much more easier to be passed. Let’s make it more exclusive for your brand! Road Block is more than just ordinary display ads. There will be no other ads but yours in every single page* of, make it more effective in getting brand awareness!

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